A place for your soul to heal, grow, awaken, and remember - Divine Love music that heals, activates, accelerates & elevates

Jana Bozonova was born in Slovakia and she came to this country when she was 15 years old to pursue higher education in the finance field. Lilttle did she know, that God had other plan for her and that her life would transfom in unimaginable ways only few years after finishing her studies at the University of Washington.
After two years in the banking industry, she started to feel very unfulfilled, knowing that there is more to life than this work, and decided to search for the answers that every soul seeks at a time of awakening. She left Seattle after 11 years and moved down to Las Vegas per the guidance of Archangel Michael. At that time, her spiritual gifts started to open and through the help of angels, she was guided to different spiritual teachings, energy healing classes, and other seminars so that one day she would be ready to help and assist other souls on their spiritual path.
Jana integrates various modalities in her work, such as: angel channeling, mediumship, Usui and Karuna Reiki®, remote viewing, sound healing, and toning. Three years into her rapid spiritual growth and work with angels and ascended masters, she started to be visited by galactic beings from different galaxies, predominantly: Andromeda, Pleiades, Sirius and Orion who started to work wih her and reveal more to her about her starseed origin and her purpose. Her mission is to bring in higher healing technologies and spiritual teachings from other worlds and use them to help raise the consciousness/frequency of the humanity and to assist in bringing peace and the realization of ONE LOVE to the people of this planet.
She also composes galactic and angelic music that is highly encoded with the healing frequencies and comes from times of Atlantis and Lemuria. The music is channeled to her from God, high frequency galactic beings, angelic beings, and other light beings. Jana uses it in her sound healing meditations, that are usually followed by toning trough a voice of a Pleiadian being that was gifted to her to help open up one's soul, so that the heart can open and to bring peace, and additional healing.
Jana has composed two sound healing meditation CDs this year - Divine Love & Divine Love 2, which are a powerful tool to help accelerate one's ascension process.
Jana is very dedicated and commited to her mission while on Earth and is very humbled and grateful for this new life, for all her spiritual teachers, and for all the souls she meets on her path.